Safety & Environment

Hillsyde Concrete Pumping commits to ensure we provide the highest standard of workplace heath and safety in all our operations. Keeping  up to date with all applicable laws and regulations within the concrete pumping industry.

Hillsyde Concrete Pumping's trucks are all fitted with the following safety equipment as per Worksafe Australia's guidelines:

  • First Aid Kits including (eye wash & protective creams)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sufficient Reflective traffic cones (450mm high)
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • We carry on-board our SWMS and Daily work checklists
  • PPE Equiptment
concrete pumping epping

Environmental Touch

Concrete pumps are the cleanest and most efficient way of getting concrete positioned where it is needed without it spilling, dropping and wasting concrete where you shouldn’t.

As always at the end of every pump when all the concrete is sucked back through the lines, there is always some amount of concrete left in the hopper. While 95% of sites will have a discharge point for all the leftover concrete, there are some cases which will require us to take the left over concrete off site and for us that is not a problem. For a small fee, we can put an additive in the left over concrete in the hopper which will not let the concrete set and harden. This will allow us to relocate the waste to an appropriate discharge station.

Another alternative that has become more popular in the recent years is a concrete washout bag. The concrete washout bag is a large bag it goes underneath the hopper door as the door opens to release the left over concrete it catches all the waste in the bag while some amount of concrete and water escapes the bag the majority of stones and mix is caught and can be picked up with a machine and placed in a spot ready for disposal and just simply rinse any spillage.

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